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Pozyx: Accurate positioning

It's a challenge for many companies: how do you explain what you do without getting lost in technical jargon? How do you find the balance between accessible and oversimplified? Pozyx found the solution: a Well Played video completely tailored to their brand.

The customer

The Pozyx positioning system allows you to track goods, pallets, forklifts and personnel, both indoors and outdoors. The system uses UWB technology and provides highly precise positioning data, accurate to within 10 cm.

The challenge

The technology developed by Pozyx can be used in many different situations. From employees in an industrial zone to shopping carts in a supermarket, anything's possible. Each of these audiences needs to understand why Pozyx will make all the difference. 

At the same time, we also need to make it clear why their system is so much better than the alternatives. And the whole story has to be told in just one minute.

Our solution

Thanks to Pozyx's accurate positioning data, clients finally have an accurate overview of their forklifts, their personnel, their drones, and more. To demonstrate that overview, we went with an isometric perspective. This allows us to visualise all elements, without the distortion you normally get with a more "realistic" perspective. 

We combine that with an easy-to-understand script, a clear story and a nice layer of smooth animation? Everything Pozyx needs.

Behind the scenes

Script and storyboard

The story we want to tell doesn't take that long to explain. With Pozyx, you can position any object very precisely and accurately. Voila, done! But to really bring this story into focus, requires a little bit more work. 

With isometric perspective you don't see the distortion that you would normally see in the real world. For example, if you draw a cube in isometric perspective, the three sides facing you - front, top and side - will all have the same shape and the same proportions. Perfect for a clear overview!

Style Proposal

Not too long ago, Pozyx was a very young start-up, with the look and feel to match. The more they grew, the more they felt the need for a new, more mature look. They already had a new logo, and took inspiration from that. We created a unique visual style for them with the right professional look. A real success story, because our work formed the basis for their new brand identity.

For me, the biggest thing that differentiates Well Played from other players in the market is their project management and their skills.

Michael Van de Velde

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