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Luxilon: Smart string

This client is so typically Belgian: far too modest! And yet they are an internationally established player in the world of tennis. Luxilon is an established brand that is synonymous with quality. To launch their new product they needed more than just the right explanation, they needed a premium look. We pulled out all the stops, and even used 3D.

The customer

Luxilon produces high-tech and high-quality filament wires used for medical applications, for industrial applications, and last but definitely not least: for tennis strings. More than 60% of the top 50 tennis players rely on Luxilon for their most important matches.

The challenge

Luxilon developed a revolutionary type of tennis string that adapts to the way you play. It is a major step forward technologically and it will make all of the difference for many players. 

We need to communicate that message clearly and correctly. At the same time, we also need to present the message in the right way: we're talking about a strong world-class brand that can't be beat. 

Our solution

High-tech, revolutionary, premium look ... it was immediately clear to us. We needed to explore the world of 3D animation. In addition, we created a clean and smooth visual style with no unnecessary frills. 

The star of the show? The tennis string, of course. Which, thanks to the power of animation, we were able to show off in all its capabilities!

Behind the scenes

Script and storyboard

We had to strike the right tone from the beginning. Because this is not just another string, this is the next big thing! At the same time, it also had to be clear exactly what that means. What makes this smart string so special? We wrote a script with the necessary gravitas and a clear explanation. 

Then it was time for the storyboard. You'll see no busy backgrounds, but only the key strokes and a clean look. This way you can visually see what makes the smart string so unique.

Style Proposal

A premium brand, that calls for a premium visual style. That doesn't mean we go for bells and whistles, quite the contrary. We go for less is more and put the spotlight on the Luxilon string. Where needed, we add text-on-screen or supporting visual elements.

The result? A unique visual style that lives up to Luxilon's name. 

Well Played made sure that the product was very clear, and also that Luxilon's atmosphere and corporate identity were very evident.

Thierry, Luxilon

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