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Exactly what you need

Animation video comes in all shapes and sizes. To find the right approach for your project, we take into account your message, your target audience, your branding and your budget.

As an animation studio, we always tailor our approach to your situation. But we do distinguish three categories. 


No, this is not a diet product: a Light animation video has just as much flavour as our other animation videos. But we do choose a more strategic approach during the design and development phase of our ideas, in order to keep costs low. You still get a top-notch video that gets results, for a smaller price tag. 


The Regular is our bread and butter: most animation videos in our portfolio fall into this category. We are completely in our element and come up with a killer creative story with unique visual style, no limitations. Completely tailored to your goal and target audience, of course. That way you get a lot of bang for your buck.


For some of our projects, we pull out all the stops. Because the client wants to impress with a premium look, for example. Because they want to showcase their product in 3D. Or because their story stands out better in isometric perspective. Whatever the reason, sometimes an animation video needs a Bold approach. 

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