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Animated video in all shapes and sizes

With animation video you can do anything. It is the best teacher, the most memorable messenger, the smoothest salesman ... a real jack-of-all-trades. And this is reflected in our portfolio: we have made animation videos for all kinds of purposes. So we know exactly how to make the right impact.

Logo animation

A logo animation is a very short video - just a few seconds - that brings the letters and other elements of your logo to life. They come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain: they give your logo an extra boost of power.

Event video

After an event you want to go home happy, with tons of new leads and prospects in your pocket. For that to happen, you need visitors to stop and check out your booth. But how do you manage that? We'll tell you why an event video is the solution.

Safety video 

Need to communicate about safety? With animation video, your message comes clearly into focus. We find the balance between accurate and accessible, ensuring that your video makes the necessary impact. Find out here why animated video works so well for safety campaigns.

HR video

From onboarding or recruitment to motivating your employees, there's a lot of communication happening in the world of HR. We tailor your message to your target audience, and make sure it has the necessary impact. Find out here why animation video works so well for HR.

Instruction video

Explaining something clearly and concisely is a very specific skill. We know exactly how to find the balance between accurate and accessible. Ensuring that your viewer understands and remembers the message. Find out here why animation works so well for an instruction video.

Video for social media

From cute little dogs to attention-grabbing headlines, if you're communicating on social media you have a lot of competition. Fortunately, we know exactly how to get the attention of your target audience. Find out here why animated video works so well for social media

Video for internal training

Complex subject? Long story? Technical explanation? We transform all of it into a short, powerful animation video. One that clearly explains your message, and is completely tailored to your viewer. Find out here why animation video works so well for internal training.

Explainer video

Yes, we explain your message clearly and concisely. But we also do so much more than that: we turn it into a powerful story. Because no one can resist a good story. Find out here why an explainer works so well.

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