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How do we proceed?

In our experience as an animation studio, the average production time needed to complete an animated video is 6 to 8 weeks. This process goes through several phases that continuously build on the previous one. We only move on to the next phase once we have received your final approval on the previous one.

Our process

In 8 steps, we go from briefing to finished animation video.

01 Kick-off

Time for the briefing. The kickoff is a meeting of about an hour and a half in which we go through a series of topics with you.

As the animation expert we take the lead, structure the conversation and make sure that by the end of the kickoff we have all the information we need to get started.

02 Concept

Every compelling animated video is built upon a robust concept, which serves as its cornerstone, connecting thread, narrative, or unique creative perspective. We present our concept with a text that explains what elements from the kickoff we used as inspiration, and then introduces the creative concept we want to propose.

This proposal is still quite abstract, it's mainly meant to show you where we want to go with the story. 

03 Script

Our copywriter extracts the most important elements of your message and pours them into a script. This is the literal, written-out text that the voice actor of your animation video will read. Short, powerful, with the right tone of voice, and above all crystal clear!

04 Storyboard

Where the script was purely textual, the storyboard is its visual interpretation. It is a kind of comic book version of your video, showing you scene after scene how the story will come to life. These black and white sketches form the backbone of the animation video.

The real look and feel? You'll discover that in the next step ...

05 Style proposal

Our illustrator takes a relevant scene from the storyboard, and creates an illustration for it in the visual style we have in mind for your animation video.

This style is based on your branding, fully tailor-made, and designed to bring your story to life in just the right way.

06 Voiceover

Most of our animation videos are voiced by a voice actor. We'll send you a casting of several voice actors whose voice suits your brand. The script is then read by the actor or actress of your choice in the recording studio. With the right emotion, intonation and character.

With translations, we of course find a voice actor who speaks the new language. Once the translated script has been recorded, we adapt the timing of the animation video to that new recording. That way  your message still flows just as smoothly in the new language.

07 Animation

This is the most labour- and time-intensive phase of the process. Our motion designers set everything in motion according to the approved storyboard and style proposal, as well as the voiceover. We don't deliver preliminary and subsequent parts of the video, but immediately present you with the full version of your animation video.

08 Music/Sound effects

Along with the animation video, we'll send you a selection of a number of songs to choose from. These music proposals will still sound a bit rough, because the volume of voice and music have not yet been perfectly matched.

Once the choice has been made, our sound partner starts working on the sound edit, bringing voice, music and sound effects into harmony.

Our custom
feedback platform

Accidents happen. An attachment got lost, a team member was not in cc, there's feedback on an outdated version ... It's not the end of the world of course, but misunderstandings like this waste precious time, every time. You end up with a chaotic jumble of e-mails, messages and files instead of a smooth collaboration.

That's why we developed our own custom feedback platform called Dolly, a few years ago. You can find all the elements of your project in one place: from script to finished video, including all feedback on previous versions. Every piece of feedback is automatically linked to the right sentence, the right sketch, or the right second of the video.

As a client, this gives you a clear overview of the work that has already been done, for each phase in the process. And for us it is always clear what still needs to be corrected. Together, we find the shortest path to the best result.

Merci Dolly!

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