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Electrification, mobility as a service, multimodal networks: the mobility sector is constantly evolving. All of these new developments need to be explained. In a way that is quick, powerful and above all: crystal clear. That makes animation the perfect choice. Your viewer hears everything explained by the narrator and also sees the whole story visualised before his eyes. Making sure that your story is completely clear, for every viewer. 

Not convinced yet? We list all the benefits of animation video in the mobility sector.

Anything is possible

A route from A to B, a demarcated area in a busy city, an extensive network of public transport ... with animation, you can fit a lot of information into one overview image. And at the same time you can easily leave out any unnecessary information. Helping your viewer sees the full picture at a glance, and avoiding details that distract from the message.

Easy to customise

A changed route, a new law, an updated policy ... sometimes your message changes unexpectedly. Luckily you can easily make adjustments with animation video. From small details like a traffic sign in the background to larger elements: with animation video, you have 100% control over everything your viewer sees.

100% recognizable

A familiar building, a recognisable skyline ... if you want, we can make sure that the viewer immediately knows where the story takes place. And we can also show that environment with a visual style that matches your brand. From clean and sleek to colourful and fun, and everything in between. Want to use the same visual style for other communication channels? We'll create additional assets like illustrations or gifs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an animation video?

To explain what your organisation does, you often need a lot of text. With video, that's a lot easier. You can listen to the whole story as told by the narrator, while also seeing everything he is describing. And with animated video, we can take it a step further and tell your story in a creative way. From epic space adventure to a smooth story full of clean lines, the choice is yours!

What kind of videos do we make?

We specialise in clear 2D animation videos. But occasionally we take on a live action project with an added layer of animation, or a 3D project. The type of video we will make for you depends entirely on your situation. Who is your viewer and where is he watching the video? What is your message and call-to-action? And what about your branding?

How do we do it?

We follow a structured process that has been perfected over the years. We go from creative concept to finished script. Then to sketched storyboard and illustrated style proposal. Finally to animated video and lastly the finishing touch with sound. Every step in this trajectory builds on the last one. We only move on to the next step once the previous one has been approved.

Is this project gonna be a lot of hassle?

Years ago we built our own platform called Dolly, where all elements of your project can be found in one place. This includes all the feedback on previous versions. Every piece of feedback is automatically linked to the right sentence, the right sketch, or the right second of the video. Giving us a clear overview of what needs to be corrected. And saving everyone a lot of hassle.

How long will it take?

For a standard animated video of 1 minute you can expect the whole process to take about six weeks. We can do it faster, for example if you have a strict deadline. But experience has taught us that six weeks is a comfortable pace for you and us both. It gives us enough time to put our best foot forward, and you enough time to talk everything through with your team and give us well-considered feedback.

How often can I give feedback?

We don't believe in limiting the amount of feedback rounds. We simply keep going until our client is satisfied. But we will always let you know if that could result in the deadline or the budget not being met. That way there are no unhappy surprises.