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Some of our projects need a little something extra. Because the client wants to impress with a premium look, for example. Because they want to showcase their product in 3D. Or because their story stands out better in isometric perspective. Whatever the reason, sometimes a project needs a Bold approach.

What exactly does Bold mean?

If an animation video needs a little something extra, it falls into the Bold category. What exactly is 'extra' about it varies from project to project. Sometimes we opt for 3D animation or an isometric perspective, and sometimes we pull out all the stops in other ways.

Whatever the situation, we create a video that blows your viewers' socks off.  

3D animation

Let's compare 2D and 3D for a moment. If you want to share a powerful story, you can use either of these animation styles. For most of our videos, we choose to work in a flat environment, where we create the illusion of perspective. But for some stories, adding an extra dimension really adds value.

But building a three-dimensional space is a lot more complex and therefore more labour-intensive than 2D. That's why 3D animation belongs in the Bold category.

Isometric perspective

If you draw a cube in isometric perspective, the three sides facing you - front, top, and side - will all have the same shape AND the same proportions. In other words, you don't see the distortion that you would normally see in the real world. This makes it easy to show many elements, all in one overview image.

This gives you an easy overview that is very useful for some projects. But it does take more time and effort to design all illustrations in this perspective. Therefore, isometric perspective belongs in the Bold category.


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