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As more and more cars need an outlet instead of a gas station, more and more people are looking for the right charging system. evChargeking developed a revolutionary, portable system that you can control through an app. This way, you can charge your car easily, wherever you are.

The customer

evChargeking offers high quality solutions to charge electric vehicle, from charging cables to smart charging systems. Their solutions are compatible with all electric cars on the market and with all management platforms. 

The challenge

It's revolutionary. It's innovative. It's the technology of the future! That is the picture evChargeking wants to paint. And they also have all the expertise they need to make that picture a reality. 

The ETAPpro has tons of features that make it unlike any other charging system on the market. It was up to us to translate this impressive list of features into a short and powerful story that makes the impact we need.

Our solution

For us, it was clear what we needed to do: we put the spotlight entirely on the product, and use 3D animation in order to fully do it justice. We opted for a smooth visual style, full of smooth transitions and a natural flow.

The result? A high-end video in 3D that wows the viewer, and honours the  technical innovation the product brings.

Behind the scenes

Script and storyboard

What if my energy bill goes up? Or what if my fuses blow? With the ETAPpro, you can rest easily. You also don't have to wait long to get started, because the system can be installed in 1-2-3. All without any extra cabling. 

With such strong arguments, we don't need to add much to create a compelling story.

Style Proposal

At the center is the product, in all its glory. Other visual elements are only there to support, without distracting. We opted for a realistic, detailed style combined with stylised elements. Simple, but also high-tech. Down-to-earth, but also premium. 

Thanks to the user-friendly platform, we built the video together step by step. Smooth communication and responsiveness. We will definitely come back for next projects!

Erwin Raets

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