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As an animation studio, we don't believe in limiting feedback rounds. We just keep doing it until our client is satisfied. That doesn't mean we merely execute what is asked of us. From our experience, we know what does and doesn't work in animation video, and we share that knowledge when necessary.

Nor do we participate in standard packages. As a creative animation studio, we believe in an approach tailored to your situation. Always with a strong story, and a strong impact.

Because only then are we sure to deliver an animation video that achieves its goal.


The price of an animation video depends on many different factors. One factor is the category chosen from the three categories we offer.

Looking for a video partner?

Beautiful songs don't last long. Great collaborations do. Because the longer we know our clients, the better we can respond to what they need. And that's good news for both of us.

As a regular video partner, we can switch gears faster, and get to an end result that achieves the right goal faster. Moreover, we can also help build a long-term approach and offer strategic advice based on our experience as a video partner. Win-win in other words!


Do you already know what kind of animation video you want to have made? Animation video is versatile: you can use it for all kinds of purposes.


As an animation studio, we have produced animation videos for clients from numerous sectors. We always take into account the specific challenges of each sector.

"Well Played developed its own animation style for us, which makes all our videos very recognizable. Even the most difficult medical pathways we get explained to patients very intelligibly this way."

Tessa Verheecke

UZ Gent

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