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Planet Group: Timesheets

What do you do when your target audience has already heard your message several times, without the desired results? Planet Group decided to kick it up a gear, and came to us for a clear animation video. One with an unexpected concept that will be remembered long after.

The customer

Planet Group is one of the largest HR experts in Belgium. The various companies in this group provide flexible and temporary staffing in various industries. Together they employ a veritable army of temporary workers.

The challenge

Employing all of those workers requires a lot of administration. And the biggest challenge when it comes to that administration is filling out the timesheets. They were handed in late, filled out incorrectly, or even forgotten altogether ... this small task went wrong very often. Even with additional training, email campaigns and regular reminders. 

To really achieve a change in behaviour, we had to change our strategy.

Our solution

Humour is not just entertaining, it's also memorable. That's why decided on a humorous approach for this animation video. One that allows us to stay far away from a pedantic, preachy tone-of-voice, while still conveying the right message: no correct timesheets means no pay!

The result? A video that the target audience enjoys watching. And most importantly: more timesheets that are correctly completed!

Behind the scenes

Script and storyboard

A game show that puts your wages on the line! It was a concept that the client was immediately on board with. We penned a short and powerful script, and soon we were ready for the next step: the storyboard. 

Scene by scene we show what will happen in the video, with a simple sketch and a brief description. You're not seeing any details or elaborate visual style yet, that comes later.

Style Proposal

A humorous approach requires a humorous style. That's why we went with simple shapes, bright colours, and characters that wouldn't be out of place in a real game show. This helps us keep it nice and light. 

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