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Planet Group: TV commercial

Most of the videos we make are shared through B2B channels and aimed at a limited target audience. But a few of our videos have gone beyond that: they were used as real TV commercials. For Planet Group, for example, we made this short recruitment video to attract new talent. We pulled out all the stops and created a main character in 3D.

The customer

Planet Group is one of the largest HR experts in Belgium. The various companies in this group provide flexible and temporary staffing in various sectors. Together they employ a growing army of temporary workers.

The challenge

Healthcare providers, IT experts and HR professionals: with this video Planet Group wants to reach different target audiences. Everyone in these target audiences should feel acknowledged, and also have a clear idea of what they can expect at Planet Group. 

All of this is not easy to summarise, because there are many different ways of working at Planet Group. And then there's the company culture!

Our solution

An animated commercial has many advantages. It is more budget-friendly than a traditional commercial, attracts more attention and the message is often more memorable.

We introduce our main character, who is literally sucked into the wonderful world of Planet Group. Scene by scene he discovers what this employer has to offer. With warm colours, soft shapes and a combination of line drawing and full 3D, we create a bright video that makes the right impact.

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