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When you build with steel, a small mistake can have big consequences. And a small mistake happens all too easily, because for these types of construction projects engineers have to process tons of data manually. To ease this enormous pressure on their shoulders, designed an innovative platform that can take care of a lot of prep work.

The customer developed a platform for engineers who design steel structures. Through automation and reuse of previous designs, among other things, users not only save time and effort, they can also easily share their work with colleagues and other stakeholders.    

The challenge

Building safely with steel requires a lot of calculations and designing. All of that work is divided among several engineers, each building on what their predecessor has done. The time they have for their task is limited, and to make matters worse they often have to manually process tons of raw data before they can even begin their first design. 

In other words, these engineers are under enormous pressure. They know full well that the slightest slip-up can have catastrophic consequences. So on the one hand, they need help to get their work done. But on the other hand, they are not easily convinced to accept that help. They need to know: can this new platform be trusted?

Our solution

Time to show them how easy it can be. With you drag your data into the platform, and it comes out neatly structured. With clear visualisations and additional insights included, helping you get to the right results faster. 

We didn't use screenshots from the real platform, but recreated them in illustration. This way we can show screens that are easily recognised, while also leaving out the unnecessary details. The result? A video that highlights the right elements, and makes the right impact.

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