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Craith Lab: Explainer

With most cosmetics, you're fighting a running battle. Even if you repair some damage, your skin is damaged more every day by your environment, and that damage penetrates to the core of your cells. To repair such deep-seated damage, you need bigger guns. Enter: Craith Lab.

The customer

Craith Lab was developed by experts in skincare and epigenetics with a shared love for the skin. Craith Lab's 3 skincare collections offer a solution for every skin type, every skin problem, every skin condition and every age.

The challenge

There is a lot of scientific expertise behind Craith Lab's products. We need to translate this expertise for a target group that has little or no technical knowledge. Making it easy to understand for every viewer. 

And we also need to consider the reputation of Craith Lab. This is a premium brand with premium products. That calls for a premium video.

Our solution

For a project like this, we decided to dip our toes into the realm of 3D animation. We used with a three-dimensional model to show in high definition how your skin cells get damaged, and how that damage keeps getting worse. 

Then it's time to explain how Craith Lab products protect you from this. We chose our words carefully, and added the necessary supporting visuals. Making sure every viewer understands how Craith Lab makes a difference.

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